First time buyers could buy a property for up to £500k with a deposit of £5k

A free no obligation £5k deposit mortgage eligibility check that leaves no footprint on your credit report.

If you are not eligible for this mortgage product we can check (with your permission) if there is another deal suitable for you.

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£5k deposit mortgage eligibility check
Do you have at least £5k deposit?
Are at least one of the borrowers a first time buyer?
Do you have an indefinite right to reside in the UK? (eg not on a visa)
Are you looking to buy a property between £100k and £500k?
You are looking to buy...

First time buyers could buy a property for up to £500k with a deposit of £5k

Curious about the criteria? Let’s break it down:

To qualify, you must be a first-time buyer, never owned a property before, and have a minimum deposit of £5,000. A solid credit score is also essential to secure a mortgage of 95% with Accord. Additional criteria include a full affordability assessment and ensuring the mortgage term doesn’t extend beyond your 70th birthday.

🌟 This product is a game-changer for first-time buyers struggling to gather a substantial deposit. It opens doors to homeownership for some people that might have ruled out ever being able to buy their own home.

Wondering if you qualify? A mortgage advisor who has access to Accord mortgages will be able to look at your circumstances, navigate the criteria, and check if you meet the requirements for this fantastic mortgage opportunity.